Salt Lake City, Utah

Sustainable Development Code and Energy Efficiency/Conservation Strategy

Clarion Associates assisted Salt Lake City in incorporating sustainability provisions into Salt Lake City’s zoning and subdivision ordinances, a high priority goal since the election of the city’s new mayor, Ralph Becker. The firm is also working with the Office of Sustainability on an overall energy efficiency/conservation strategy.  Some of the changes this effort will accomplish include:

  • Creating incentives for compact, mixed-use development patterns that reduce the need to drive to work thereby shrinking greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Removing barriers to solar and other alternative energy sources that decrease reliance on foreign oil and help cut greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Promoting alternative means of transportation like bicycling and walking that can improve community health while helping reduce air pollution;
  • Protecting trees that absorb greenhouse gases and reduce storm water runoff and pollutants, and
  • Encouraging water-conserving landscaping.