Clarion Loves College Towns & March Madness

March 22, 2021

Every March the NCAA basketball tournament shines a light on colleges across the country in one of the most exciting tournaments in sports. Though this year all games are in Indianapolis and San Antonio, it still shines a light on the communities that support these teams, college towns!  

We at Clarion love working with college towns, including focusing on special conditions like the need for Student Housing. And we work with a lot of them! In this year’s tournament, 22 men’s teams and 17 women’s teams represent colleges and universities within our community partners, from first seed Michigan to 16th seed Norfolk State on the men’s side, and first seed South Carolina to 16th seed North Carolina A&T on the women’s.  

Colleges have a strong bond with their communities, they are at least stakeholders and often key community partners in our work, and we are proud to know our zoning ordinances, comprehensive plans, and specialty studies help strengthen these communities too.  

Keep an eye out for these teams in your brackets! We’re rooting for them. 

#1 M/#6 W University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) 

#3 M/#6 W University of Texas (Austin) 

#8 W/#11 M Syracuse University (Syracuse) 

#5 M University of Colorado (Boulder) 

#2 M /#5 W University of Iowa (Iowa City) 

#2 W/#10 M University of Maryland (Prince George’s County) 

#14 W University of Wyoming (Laramie) 

#4 W Indiana University (Bloomington)