The Planner’s Use of Information – Third Edition

January 10, 2020

Clarion Directors Don Elliott and Darcie White were thrilled to be contributing authors on the third edition of The Planner’s Use of Information, released in September. Edited by Hemalata C. Dandekar, PhD, this update infuses the perspectives of leading experts on essential skills for today’s emerging planners. Chapters include: Field Methods (Hemalata C. Dandekar), Survey Methods for Planners (Cornelius Nuworsoo), Information from Secondary Sources (Cornelius Nuworsoo), Analytical Methods in Planning (Richard Crepeau), Working with Teams (Peter Ash), Public Participation (Darcie White), Technology and Techniques (Chris Steins), The Physical Planning Process (Vicente Del Rio and Hemalata C. Dandekar), Speaking Skills for Presentations (Don Elliott), Written Communications (Vivienne N. Armentrout), and Graphic and Visual Communication (Amir Hajrasouliha). Planners – grab a copy of this incredible resource of planning information!