Eastern Orangeburg County, South Carolina

Smart Growth and Sustainability Plan

Clarion Associates, in association with TischlerBise Associates, Wilburn & Associates and BP Barber is helping local governments in Orangeburg South Carolina prepare for a major infusion of jobs and economic growth expected to occur as part of development of the international Global Logistics Triangle.

A series of events, interests, and investments are aligning in a way that promises to fundamentally change conditions in this key piece of South Carolina’s geography.  Economic Zones World Americas, based in the United Arab Emirates, is constructing a 1300 acre international trade and distribution center, the first of its kind in North America. This Smart Growth and Sustainability initiative analyzes the projected growth, infrastructure needs, and impacts related to this new

facility, and will assist local governments in the area in positioning themselves to best benefit from this opportunity.  Emphasis is on workforce development, infrastructure planning, and growth management strategies with attention to preservation of existing community character.  The goal is to set the context, and help communities in the study area adopt and implement sustainable strategies and growth management tools.

The project focuses on projected job creation (direct and indirect), fiscal impacts of growth for local governments, environmental protection, energy conservation, and strategies to enable existing residents of the area participate in economic growth.