Cary, North Carolina

Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Cary has for decades been one of the premier communities in North Carolina and the Southeast. Cary has been evolving, and in many ways has become a world-class community, keeping pace with local, regional, and global changes. To address changing planning conditions, market preferences, and regional transportation initiatives, the Cary Town Council decided to undertake a complete review of all plans and create a new comprehensive Community Plan, a consensus-based, Town-wide policy document to guide decisions and achieve a desired future. Due to the complexity of the undertaking, the Town decided to approach this initiative in two phases. Clarion was hired to lead a multidisciplinary team to prepare the Phase 1 Charter document (“the plan for the plan”), and to lead the multi-year Phase 2 effort to develop the Cary Community Plan. The 2040 Cary Community Plan was developed using the most robust public engagement process in the Town’s history

that integrated technical analysis and community values. This plan marks a significant milestone in the Town’s history. The new Cary Community Plan sets out a course for a mature and vibrant community that sees redevelopment and infill as the focus for future planning efforts. The approach for the plan is to protect and maintain what is best about Cary, and to revitalize and provide new choices for working, living, and playing in vibrant and mixed use opportunity areas. Unique to this process is the in-depth integration of the updates to the Town’s Comprehensive Transportation Plan and the Town’s Land Use Plan. This included both high level testing of the Town’s long range transportation plan to support the town-wide vision for future growth, and small area planning to create coordinated transportation and land use solutions that support community character objectives. The plan was unanimously adopted by the Cary Town Council January 2017.