Clarion Associates, Inc. & Clarion/Samuels Associates

Real Estate Consulting, Valuation & Expert Testimony

Complex real estate consulting and valuation assignments are our specialty. Clarion Associates, Inc. is recognized nationally as one of the most experienced firms in the valuation of historic preservation and conservation easements, contaminated property market impact analysis, and real estate litigation support services. As a result, the firm’s experienced professionals have become some of the most sought after real estate testifying experts in the country.

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  • Historic Preservation, Conservation Resources & Easement Valuation

    Clarion Associates, Inc. is one of the most experienced firms in the country in analysis, evaluation, consulting, and appraisal involving historic properties and preservation easements. Our clients have included the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Justice as well as private property owners.

    Clarion Associates, Inc. is the developer of the three day Appraisal Institute course on the valuation of historic preservation easements and has been retained by the Appraisal Institute to author its official textbook on the valuation of both conservation and historic preservation easements. Since 1988 the firm has worked on more than 250 preservation and conservation easement valuation assignments in more than 25 states.

  • Litigation Support and Expert Testimony

    Complex litigation assignments are our specialty. The firm’s experienced professionals are comfortable handling mixed issues of law and real estate economics, including evaluation of damage claims and damage theories, due diligence analysis, valuations, and market analysis. In addition to our own analysis and testimony, we are often called upon to assist in the review and critical examination of reports prepared by other experts. Our advanced technical skills, including geographic information systems (GIS) capabilities prove useful in more complex litigation and real estate analysis.

    The firm works nationally, and sometimes even internationally, as experts in complex real estate-related litigation including bankruptcy, environmental contamination, class action, and eminent domain proceedings. More notable assignments include expert testimony in the Exxon Valdez oil spill litigation, the Hurricane Katrina master consolidated class action litigation, the TOUSA, Inc. bankruptcy proceeding, and the Chinese drywall multi-district litigation.

  • Complex and Special Purpose Real Estate Appraisal

    Our experience with special purpose properties of all types led The Appraisal Institute to select Clarion Associates to prepare the official Appraisal Institute seminar on the valuation of special purpose properties, entitled Special-Purpose Properties: The Challenges of Real Estate Appraising in Limited Markets. While most of our appraisal assignments involve valuation of fee interests, we are skilled in the valuation of leasehold interests and other types of less-than-fee interests such as easements and development rights, as well as separating business value from real estate value for ad valorem taxation or other purposes. We also have experience in analyzing the impact of environmental risks and other types of environmental factors on the value and markets for nearby and adjacent properties.

  • Real Estate Counseling and Economic Analysis

    The challenges presented by the volatile conditions in the economy and in the real estate marketplace mean that more attention than ever must be focused on understanding the complexities of market forces. For the client, the goal is strategic decision-making: how to achieve a good fit between a specific property or project and its context.

    Clarion Associates takes pride in our ability to discern market nuances and identify market segments–to conduct qualitative as well as quantitative research. When the assignment calls for survey or focus group research, we have the experience to apply these techniques and to sensitively and intelligently interpret the results.

    Clarion Associates, Inc. integrates a unique combination of skills to develop creative solutions to difficult real estate questions. Working together with the client, we define the problem and conduct an inquiry that results in artful insight and sound, market-based solutions.