Christopher J. Duerksen, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Mr. Duerksen is a land use lawyer with over twenty years of related experience. He has represented local governments, nonprofits, and the private sector in a variety of land-use and zoning matters and specializes in:

He received his law degree from the University of Chicago, and his undergraduate liberal arts degree from the Kansas State College. His numerous projects have included development codes and growth management plans for a variety of large and small jurisdictions around the country. Most recently, he has been focused on sustainable development codes that address issues such as alternative energy and community health.

A co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute, Mr. Duerksen has written and spoken extensively on land use issues in Colorado and nationally. He has authored many books and articles on land use and conservation issues, including Takings Law in Plain English, Nature-Friendly Communities, and Aesthetics, Community Character, and the Law. Mr. Duerksen is a member of the Illinois Bar Association.